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Professional Title



Office of Principal Principal


Office of Academic Affaris Chief of Educational Affairs Section Chen,Chien-Yu 711
Head of Curriculum Subsection Lin, Pei-Shih
Head of Registration Subsection Chen, Yi-Wen
Head of Teaching Facilities Subsection Wu, Sih-Min
Head of Information Management Subsection Chen,Mei-Jiun
Office of Students Affairs Chief of Student Affairs Section Tsai,Yi Chien 721
Head of Student Activities Subsection Yang,Shu-Min
Head of Disciplinary Subsection Wu,Ching-Yi
Head of Hygiene Subsection Huang, Shu-Li
Head of Physical Education Subsection Chen,Tso-Chih
Office of General Affairs Chief of general Affairs Section Wang, To 731
Head of General Affairs Subsection Chou, Jung-Chi
Head of Cashier Subsection Chen, Ching-Yi
Head of Documentation Subsection Wu, Chia-Li
Counseling Center Chief of Counseling Section Su, Tzu-Chieh 741
Head of Guidance and Counseling Chang, Fei-Bin
Head of Data Subsection Chang, Hsiu-Chiao
Head of Special Education Section Cheng,En-Hui
Personnel Office Chief of Personal Affairs Section Liu, Chiang-Fu 750
Accounting Office Chief of Accountant Section Chen,Ming-Yu 760

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