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:::The History of Shang An



Imposition of school estates permitted by Taiwan provincial government.


Declaration about imposing school estates issued by Yong-An Elementary School as the unit of enforcement
88.11.03 Following order of Ho-Ts'o Elementary School Ms. Hu,shu-chuan was committed as Director of preparation of Wen 文小60.
89.02.21 School placement plan ready for future reference.
90.07.18 Taichung City Government ratified Taichung City Xitung Zong Shang-An Elementary School as our school's name.
90.08.01 Ms. Hu,Shu-Chuan appointed as the first principal of Shang-An Elementary School.
90.08.22 Budget document water and electricity of school house project in architecture, sent to investigation unit.
90.09.25 License of school house construction issued after ratification.
90.09.28 Budget document of school house project ratified by investigation unit.
Invitation of public tenders in progress.
90.11.13 Chao-Xiong Construction Co. Ltd. obtained the privilege to assume the school house project.
90.11.21 Construction of school house project began.
91.12.11 Ta-Wei Construction Co. Ltd. obtained the privilege to assume the project of enclosing wall and grill ground.
91.12.20 Chang-Yi Construction Co. Ltd. obtained the privilege to assume the project of activity center.
92.01.22 Construction of activity canter began.
92.01.24 Construction of enclosure and grill ground began.
92.02.14 Construction of complete.
92.04.21 School house project had passed check.
92.08.01 Recruiting of students began, school affair in progress.
92.12.13 School completion ceremony.
94.09.24 Mr. Lin Tai-hong was elected as Third president of Parents Association.
95.03.11 Honor of being partner of “Taiwan Green School” .
95.03.21 Activity of “ Message in the Bottle” to reserve the green future in 2020.
96.03.15 Honor of excellent performance in Heath Promoting School.


making sister school with Win-chang Elementary School in Nan-tou county.
96.08.01 Excellent performance in promoting Energy Education.
96.09.24 Mr. Liao Nian-sin was elected as the 5th president of Parents Association.


Student Tube Orchestra Club win the second place in Taichung  Musical Contest.
96.12.06 Student Chorus Club win the 3rd place in Taichung Musical Contest.


Student Puppet Show Club win the First place in Taichung Puppetry Contest.
97.03.11 Honor of excellent performance in National Elementary Musical Contest.

 Honor of Great performance in National Puppetry Contest.

97.06.01  Win the Third place in Taichung City Scientific Game Exhibition.

 Hsu.Ching-Chang is inaugurated as the second principal.

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